Workload reduction support gear

Reforming work styles by combining sewing technology and musculoskeletal system fitting technology cultivated for over 50 years with scientifically-based assists.

Based on the concept of assisting specific movements and not interfering with other movements, we are conducting research and development of products based on evidence data. Customers love our product development capabilities and ability to meet various needs.

Co-development partners

  • JA岡山
  • 飯塚病院
  • 清水建設

Development Concept

For workers in various industries, including the manufacturing, construction, and shipping industries as well as the farming, medical, and welfare industries where many people struggle with workload and physical issues. We strive to energize working people with support gear that reduces burden during work. We help people shine by applying know-how cultivated through our work in musculoskeletal system support technology and scientific data.



We apply sewing technology cultivated for over 50 years to develop and manufacture corsets supporters with a commitment to Made in Japan. We use equipment such as CAD (design tool) and automatic cutting machines, and each product is sewn by the dedicated hands of a craftsman. There are as many health needs as there are people. We aim to meet all of these by refining our manufacturing spirit and technology.




We do not compromise on product design and work to ensure that all users of our supporters feel that life is "really easier". We give shape to ideas, repeatedly make prototypes until we are satisfied, and commercialize only the products that are supported by objective evidence.

Ease of use


Ease of use

We want to support working people by addressing people's concerns. We identify needs related to labor reduction and develop products based on feedback from people in the field. We will conduct on-site test user surveys for prototype products to pursue ease of use. We develop wearable, easy-to-move products that meet the needs of the workforce.


New products