Our commitment


Daiya Industry is not a company that provides "health".

We are a company that provides the joy that lies beyond
health each customer finds in being able to engage in activities
because they are healthy.

Supporting healthy bodies means supporting peaceful daily lives,
enjoyable times, exciting challenges, and various life moments.

Exciting days build over time into
memories that we back on to reflect a wonderful life, then and now.

Being able to enjoy our lives in our own way even as we get older.

We aim to create such daily lives.


  • Children able to smile 50 years from now
  • Musculoskeletal system 10 years younger than your actual age
  • Health that blends into everyday life

Our vision is to create a world where children can live happily 50 years from now.
What can we do to make that a reality? In terms of physical fitness, today's children are less physically fit than they were 30 years ago.

The loss of physical and muscular strength due to lack of exercise is not an immediate problem. However, 50 years from now, when the current elementary school student turns 60, they may suffer from degenerated and brittle muscles and bones in their legs and hips. This will lead to increased bones fractures and result in more people spending time in the hospital. Children having an awareness of their health is ideal in ensure our children and grandchildren to have happy futures. However, the reality is that this will be quite difficult. For both children and adults, we believe that healthy life expectancy can be extended if muscle strength can be improved through daily activities without being particularly conscious of health. Using our muscles promotes promotion and rejuvenation of the musculoskeletal system.

As a manufacturer of exercise equipment support systems, we strive to add such functions to the everyday things in our lives. We believe it best to obtain good health through our daily lives, and we strive to support people's health and daily lives.

We will expand initiatives to promote physical development that prevents injury and continue developing products aimed at reducing musculoskeletal age by 10 years so that children 50 years from now can live happily.

Greetings from CEO

We want our employees to shine in their work and continue to contribute to society while envisioning the smiles of our customers.

Our main business is the development, manufacturing and sales of supporters and corsets for daily use and sports in the medical industry for chiropractic and acupuncture clinics. We are a manufacturer of musculoskeletal support systems.

Since our establishment in 1963, we have been in business thanks to the support of our customers. Our core philosophy is "customer first". It is important to consider what our customers need, and our role is to provide what our customers want.

However, creating products is not our only purpose. Using our products allows customers to do things that they couldn't do before and work on new things, which ultimately makes our customers smile. That is our true purpose. To achieve this purpose, we strive to go beyond being a simple supporter manufacturer. We also develop assist suits and systems to quantify the state of the musculoskeletal system. We work everyday to become a strong, kind, interesting, and exciting company that allows employees to shine.

We currently develop, manufacture and sell supporters, but in the future we strive to create a better world where customers can spend their time in good health without having to wear supporters. For example, we have a grand dream of creating products that will enable people in wheelchairs to walk. People who are unable to walk due to a spinal injury suffered in an unfortunate accident dream of being able to walk hand in hand with their favorite person again or being able to walk again and enjoy shopping. We are passionate about the ideas of developing products that could enable people to walk and contributing to the society. We will continue working to support and remain engaged in the challenge of helping realize our our customers' dreams.

Hiroki Matsuo, CEO of Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.